Cordially Uninvited, by Jennifer Roy

cordially-uninvitedThis book is called Cordially Uninvited. The main characters are Claire and her cousin, the prince of England’s on again off again girlfriend, Belle. But know the prince and Belle are getting married and Claire is going to be a junior bridesmaid. The book takes place in England.

Let’s not forget about the other junior bridesmaid,Pandora, and her crazy old aunt,Cornelia. Pandora thinks she should be marrying the prince and Cornelia tells Pandora that she put a curse on Belle and the wedding will not make it.

Then there is the family of the Symonds who’s older boy, Tristan, is Claire’s crush and the younger sister Thalia. They think that the wedding should go on.

I loved this book because it is in 1st person, I love 1st person because you get to know the character better, and it is realistic fiction with a hint of mystery. I would recommend this to people who like England, the royal family and royal weddings. I would rate this ***** out of *****.

How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston

This book is about about a girl named Kacey Simon, the most popular girl at her school. She also is a journalist who only tells the truth. After she falls at her best friend’s(Molly Knight is her best friend) birthday party, braces and glasses have been thrust upon her. This is the worst thing that could happen to her because she is also given a lisp along with the braces. Now she can’t do her show! Her other best friends are Liv and Nessa. Now even her best friends turn on her. Kacey is now falling the social ladder.

How can Kacey get back up again? Well, political crazed old best friend, Paige Greene, decides to help her out. She is also given the spot as lead singer in a band run by the new kid, Zander. Paige and Zander are gonna try to get her back up there. But then it turns out that Molly has a crush on Zander. Things just keep getting worse. “I, Kacey Simon have a raging crush on a band geek!” See what I mean. It’s just getting worse.

I loved this book because, as you know from my previous reviews, I love 1st person books. Also because the way Meg Haston writes, it sounds like Kacey is so real, like she could go to LREI. I would recommend this to people who like realistic fiction. I would rate this ***** out of *****.


Plastic Polly, by Jenny Lundquist

UnknownThis book is about a girl named Polly. She is the 2nd most popular girl at Winston Academy next to her best friend Kelsey. Polly is the kind of girl who agrees with whatever Kelsey says. She and Kelsey are always ganging up on the 3rd most popular girl, Melinda. I don’t like Melinda because she is snooty and bossy. Polly also used to be friends with a girl named Alyssa. She and Polly and Kelsey got into a fight so now they aren’t friends anymore.


Polly’s school’s rival, American River and Winston Academy always have a talent show called the Groove It Up and this year Kelsey is in charge. But when Kelsey injures herself she can’t do it. Polly has to step in to help. “Kelsey rolls her eyes.’what happens to the vice president if the president is unable to perform her duties?’ I stop as the light finally clicks on.” That is what happens when Polly is asked to help.


I really liked this book because it would never happen at LREI because we don’t have a Groove It Up. It is in 1st person and I really like that because you get to know the character more. I would recommend this to people who have a competitive spirit because that is a fairly big part of the book. I would rate this 100 out of 5 stars. This is one of the best books ever. The author writes like it could be happening in to you.


11 Birthdays, by Wendy Mass

11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass

This book is about a girl named Amanda. When she was born her parents made a promise to a lady named Angelina. The promise was that she would always have her birthday with her best friend Leo. Until she was 9 she kept that promise. You will read more about that later. Her parents never intended to keep the promise but they always had it happen that way. The book takes place in a place called Willow Falls.

On their 10th birthday Amanda got into a fight with Leo so they decided to not have their 11th birthday together. When she has her birthday separately she is miserable. She misses Leo but is still mad at him. The next day she wakes up to find that it is just her birthday all over again. She and Leo have to make up and then team up to get their birthday to happen just once a year. “‘ I get it.’ I announce happily.  ‘This is all just a game.’” Amanda first thinks when she wakes up on her birthday. Again.


I really liked this book because it is realistic fiction and a bit or a mystery. You can read this and get 2 in 1! It is told from her perspective which I really like and it gives a bunch of details. I would recommend this to someone who enjoyed other Wendy Mass books and who likes a some mystery. I really liked all the other books she written. I would give this 5 stars.


5,6,7, Nate by Tim Federle

Warning: This is the second book in a series

The book I read was the 2nd in a series. ( The Nate series. ) The main character’s name is Nate. Nate loves to sing and dance and his dream is to be on Broadway. He is shy but not when he’s on stage. This character is gay but he is shy about it. In this book his dream comes true. He is the understudy ET in ET: The Musical.  The setting is New York City.

In this book Nate’s problem is that he is afraid to go on stage. He is trying as hard as he can but he just isn’t getting the hang of it. One thing that happened is that one of the shows was going to be in Central Park. The guy who was going to play Elliot was a guy named Jordan. Jordan is very rich. Jordan’s mother wants Jordan to do the show with the real ET but the real ET can’t do it. Nate has to sneak on. Another thing that happens is that his best friend Libby’s mother is sick and dying. He has to comfort her and help her through it.

I really enjoyed this book because it is written in 1st person and I really enjoy reading in 1st person. Nate is really convincing and realistic. It seems like the author was Nate.  I would recommend this book to people who enjoy the theater because this book is about the theater. I would rate this 5 out of 5.


The Journal of Ben Uchida

This book is about the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is about a Japanese boy who has to go to an Internment Camp because he is Japanese. His father has been taken to be questioned. He has a sister. This takes place in California, 1942. I enjoyed this very much. It is in journal format. I would recommend this to people who are interested in history. I would give this 4 and a half stars.

Time Traviling Fashionista, by Bianca Turetsky

The main character is Louise. She loves vintage fashion. Every year she gets invited to a vintage sale. In one dress in each sale takes her back to a different place in time. This book she finds herself the best friend of Marie Antoinette! She has to find away to get back with hurting anyone. This takes place in France and Connecticut. I liked this book but I thought it was to sad. If you like sad books read this. If you like this it is a series. I would  give this three stars.

Much Ado About Anne, By Heather Vogel Fredrick

The main people in this book are Cassidy (the hockey player), Megan ( the fashion crazed), Emma ( the bookworm) and Jess ( the shy one). The setting is Concord, Massachusetts. It is a very historical place. The girls are in a Mother-Daughter book club. There are boys that are mean to the girls and sometimes funny and girls that are mean and tease them. I really liked this book. I would recommend this to people who have read Anne of Green Gables because they read it in the book club. I would rate this 5 out of 5 stars. I liked this because it has things I can connect with the girls. If you like it, it is the second in a series of 6 books. It switches points of view between the 4 girls. If you like books about friends and family you should read this.


Because of Winn-Dixie,By Kate DiCamillo

I really enjoyed this book! The main characters are the dog, (Winn-Dixie) and India Opal (the girl who is telling the story). The setting is Naomi,Florida. The girl doesn’t have a mother and is very hard for her. I can connect because I have always wanted a dog and I got one. In the book she finds Winn-Dixie and her father lets her keep him! Her father is a preacher. Over the book she finds friends so she isn’t lonely anymore. I would give this 4 stars out of 5.