Perfect Season, Tim Green

images-1Perfect season is a book for people who like sports, Mike Lupica, or Tim Green.


It is also by Tim Green, and is the 6th book in the ‘Football Genius’ series. The series does not have to be read in order, but would give you important information if you read football genius first.


The book is set in New Jersey, where Troy White, the main character has moved to from Atlanta. He is a star football Quarterback in his league. He had recently signed a contract with the NY Jets, and got a $5,000,000 signing bonus. But… his father took the money and threw it into a law case, and lost. He ran away and the family, broke before Troy’s job, is now broke again. And do you know what that means? Instead of going to a swank private school, that coincidentally is a football powerhouse, and playing with star Wide Receiver fund cousin Ty.

Now he is going to Summit public school which has an unbroken losing streak. Ty’s big brother is a wide receiver for the Jets.


Now, Troy has a connection and personal friend who was a star Linebacker in the NFL. He is also a real person. He insists that he should coach his public school team. When Seth comes down from Atlanta, Troy feels ready for a winning streak, a perfect season.


But when he meets Ty’s friend, Chuku, things start to change. Big things, and small things like Ty not being the fastest kid. Chuku’s dad is trying out to be a Linebacker for the Jets, and Chuku needs a home, and a school. Troy see’s an opportunity, one to make this season even better then it can be. This is where Troy’s adventure begins…


Al Capone Does My Homework, Gennifer Choldenko

search*°•The Al Capone series doesn’t need to be read in order, only the first and second book need to be read in order•°*

 This is the last book in the series.

Moose and the gang are having fun, spying on the cons, helping them to. Moose needs to help Capone, who has already gotten nat into a special school for kids with disabilities. Moose is nice, and now it is working against him flowers for Mae Capone, Al’s mom…


He needs help and has a limited time period to do it. He has to look like he is alone, not with his friends on the boat, ware Mae will be.


But there are some cons with them on Alcatraz that are up to something of their own.

Piper has found a list, not just any list, a list made by cons, and not just any list from a con, but a game, but not any game… a game that can kill, literally. And it looks something like this: And guess who the new assistant warden is; Moose’s dad…Nat is also getting really smart.


Al Capone Does My Shirts, By Gennifer Choldenko

Al Capone Does My Shirts, By Gennifer Choldenko


This is a great book. I would rate it 4 stars out of 5.


The main character is Matthew “Moose” Flanagan. In the book his real first name is only mentioned a few times. It is set in 1934 on Alcatraz. Alcatraz is an old inactive prison. There is an old saying, it is “Break the rules, go to prison. Break the prison rules, you go to Alcatraz. Alcatraz is also a small island off the coast of San Francisco. There has never been a successful escape.  Mouse has his friends on the rock: Annie, Jimmy, Theresa and Scout, who is an old friend from the city and is a great baseball player.


Moose has a dad, a mom, and a sister. But there is something wrong with one of them. Is it Cameron “Cam,” his dad, Helen, his mom, or Natalie “Nat.” It’s Nat. Every year, When it is Nat’s birthday, she turns 10. Over, and over, and over again. Now, There is a new school for 4-12 year olds that have disabilities. It’s called Esther P. Marinoff. Nat is actually 16. This helps power a decision that the school has had in mind for years.


Al Capone hears about this, some how and helps Moose with something… Something that could change the Flanagan’s life forever


The reason they moved onto Alcatraz is because they needed money, and Moose’s dad became an electrician on Alcatraz. They live in building 64, the main housing building.


There is a warden, he has a daughter named Piper Williams. They have money and live in a giant mansion. She seems nice and attractive at first, but is stuck up, sensitive and rude. She persuasively lores Moose into a laundry scheme. Since there is no school on Alcatraz, they attend school in San Francisco. Piper tells all of the kids that Al does their laundry. It’s true. She collects money from the kids to let them have their clothes washed by Capone. But when Moose’s laundry comes back, (he doesn’t need to  pay, because he lives on the island) There is a note from Al Capone… In Mooses laundry. I would recommend this to people who like mystery and history books.

This is the first book out of 3 books.


Spy School, by Stuart Gibbs

Spy School is a book filled with action…


It’s about a kid named Ben Ripley. He is in 5th grade. He is very smart (I mean… VERY smart) but has a very boring life. One of the only things that he does is that he watches spy movies and looks at the CIA website…


But a second later, in the middle of the school year; a CIA agent named Alexander Hale  breaks into his house and tells Ben things he knows about him. The Hales have generations of CIA agents and Former ones. Keep in mind that skill skips a generation. Before Ben knows it, he’s being told about spy school: a school for future spys.


But Ben’s parents would know if Ben was missing… and the school is top secret. So there’s the lie that convinces the parents. The lie is: it’s the academy of science (they don’t say anything else). His parents say yes, and there he goes… of the Spy School.


But why is this happening in the middle of the school year…


That’s all I have to say. This is just the beginning and There are so many spoilers that that’s all I can say.


I would rate this book 6 out of 5 stars (yes, 6.)




Out of My Mind, By Sharon M. Draper

imgres-2Out of My Mind is a… so so book in my opinion.

It is about a 11 year old girl named Melody, who; can’t walk, talk, or have controlled movements (besides her thumbs.) Her doctors said she could never live anything near a normal life. Her parents said no but the doctors said yes. Her mom would get angry at them, but that didn’t change their mind one bit.

The only way she can communicate is by a board that has a bunch of words on it, made by misses V: her baby sitter. She knows Melody is smart, and Melody’s parents know too.

The school year is starting and it’s Melody’s first year of middle school. She is in the same classroom; the one for the kids with disabilities in the school. She learns the abc’s and 123’s again, and again, and again.

Her teachers say no, she’s not smart she’s retarded.  Melody thinks they think she is to dumb to hear them.

But now, Melody has a chance, a chance to have fun. Not watching the ‘normal’ kids play at recess. Her chance is a new type of class; one where she can be with the normal kids in the grade.

Sometimes Melody gets nervous and she drools and sometime has ‘tornados’ where she freaks out and makes weird sounds and kicks and  screams.

This is a knew beginning to her knew life.

And that’s where her adventure begins. It is kind of like East Side Story where it has a really bad ending. I would rate this 3 out of 5 stars.

LAWN BOY, by Gary Paulsen

LAWN BOY is about a 12 year old boy named _____ (yes, he doesn’t have a stated name) and his family is broke. He is intelligent and thinks he is dumb.

As a birthday present he gets his grandfather’s old 10-speed lawn mower. So, not knowing what to do does the obvious: he mows his cute little, old, not very taken care of lawn.

[The old mowing companies’ boss ran off into paradise with his new wife.] While he’s mowing his lawn his neighbor walks up to him and from across the fence asks; “you mow lawns?…”

And thats where his summer gets exiting.

His first client, a start to a boring, but still exiting summer. While he is mowing the lawn, another customer asks for him to mow his lawn and it happens again and again and again.

Then he meets Arnold, ‘a 70s hippie guy.’ A client who can’t find 35$ and, gets him a small account in the stock market and… before he knows it, he’s sponsoring his very own boxer: Joey Pow…


All of the chapters have a title that you don’t figure out why it’s called what it is called in ’till the end of the chapter

This book is a quick (88 pg.) fun, sometimes cliffhanger, and just a plainly amazing book for a plane ride or car ride that will make you think the story has just begun, so read ‘LAWN BOY returns’ if you want the rest of his story! I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.




The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

The Hunger games is an amazing book by an amazing author.  The Hunger Games is about the 12 districts in Panem (the ruins of North America) surrounding the harsh Capitol that thinks they always need to remind everyone of how much power they have. They do that by having a yearly hunger games.

                                                                    Important facts, skip paragraph (not recommended) for rest of review.


A boy and a girl get reaped by their names getting drawn from glass ball filled with paper slips with names (when you get picked to fight in the hunger games on live tv.) If you are poor (like many of the people in district 12 are) you can get free food (grains and oil) by signing up for tesserae but you need to enter your name 1 extra time. The reaping day parade is when they pick the people for the years hunger games. To be eligible to be reaped, you need to be between the ages 12-18. Every year towards 18 you get your name put into the glass ball one more time. Sometimes people can volunteer to be a tribute if the person warts or needs to. This is often done by career tributes (kids that train their whole life for the games and are the best players in the games, really good with weapons. Then they volunteer) The districts that tend to have careers are the more wealthy districts 1,2 and 4. Even though it is illegal to train for the games before they are reaped, the capitol allows it because their districts are more wealthy and trade better goods to the Capitol. Sometimes they let other people in even if they are not careers for certain reasons. Last few things before we start about the book: Effie Trinket is the escort for district 12, and Haymitch Abernathy is the mentor for district 12. A mentor is a previous hunger games victor and
gives the tribunes tips on how to win. Escorts are people from the Capitol to do parties and escort you. If you win, you get fame and fortune, losing means certain death.


Now for the good stuff! 16 year-old Katniss Everdeen wakes up reaping day and goes hunting (strictly illegal and punishable by death) with her best friend Gale. They talk in the Capitol accent and say “may the odds ever be in your favor.” They’re pretending it’s all fun and games until the parade arrives; her 12 year-old sister Primrose ‘Prim’ Everdeen is reaped, her name was only put in the ball once. Katniss’s father is died in a mine explosion (the districts industry is coal mining), it’s also the same one that killed Gale’s father. Ever since Katniss’s father died, she took over the family. Katniss volunteers and is the district’s first ever volunteer, very big deal. Now for the boys, Peeta Mellark is reaped. The peace keepers take them to there room where they will say their final goodbyes to their families and friends.

When they arrive at the Capitol via hi-speed train they go the penthouse (very luxurious) they get amazing food and really cool showers. They meet their stylist (to help with the interviews and opening day parade,) and Katniss Gets a new stylist, Cinna, who chose district 12 (they hardly ever/maybe only twice won the games) and, he’s great. Past stylists have made the tributes from district 12 look ridiculous and haven’t gotten very many sponsors (if they like what they see they get the mentor and during the games give them supplies to help them survive and/or fight.) The new tributes from district 12, Katniss and Peeta Mellark are… on fire. They look amazing and win the crowd and sponsors. Katniss earns the name ‘The Girl On Fire’.

Training and, ‘‘The 74th annual Hunger Games!.” In the training center there are many stations: archery, camo, hand-to-hand combat, sword fighting, knife throwing climbing, ect, ect. Haymitch said don’t show the others what your really good at.
 Katniss avoids archery and Peeta avoids weight lifting (his family owns a bakery and he throws 100 pound bags of flour over his head.) Katniss visits the plats station to find what plants are edible and which are not. See already knows very well from her family’s book, hunting and her father. See does little fighting stations and sees the careers showing of. They train for 3 days then have their private sessions. Now Katniss does her Archery magic. since Katniss is last person to go the and game makers (what they name is, they do) are drunk and and eating, katniss gives them a surprise… The interviews are on and Katniss again steals the spotlight. She talks about her 11 in training out of a possible 12, best of all the other tributes. “…let the games begin!” Haymitch advises Katniss to stay away from the cornucopia, the giant horn where all the good stuff is. Katniss sees only one bow and arrow but is late to react to the gong so she manages to get a back pack food and stuff. She runs of into the woods.


Thats my reveiw,  there is much more of the games in the, but too many spoilers in the rest! The whole series is from Katniss’s point of view. I time period is future.

I love it partly because of the twist of a bad future, not a good future. There is also some really cool teach in the book.


I would rate this book 6 out of 5 (yes, 6) stars because you will go to sleep thinking about it. It’s a great book, READ IT!!!!!!! 🙂 Highly addictive. BEWARE!!! 🙂

The Million Dollar Throw, By Mike Lupica


This is an amazing book by an amazing author.  It’s about a boy Named Nate ‘Brady’ Brodie.  He is an extreme patriots fan and his idol is Tom Brady.  He is an eighth grader, lives in Massachusetts and is on his school football team.  He a star QB. The one thing nate really understands and feels comfortable is; well, is football.  He has two best friends: Malcolm (for football and hard times) and Addy (for everything+football and hard times). Addy and Nate go to ‘sportsstuff’ (like Models but with a memorabilia section) and with all the money Nate has been saving up for years… he buys a ball signed by Tom Brady.  It cost 500$.  Then Addy saw a sign that was about a ‘Million Dollar throw’ that would have the winner sand at the 30 yard line and throw a ball into a 20’’ hole in a big ‘sportsstuff’ logo.  It would happen at the Pats stadium at the ‘Thanksgiving Day Game.’  The requirements were you need to be at least 13, make a purchase 500$, get his parents signature and the kids own.  Addy practically made him sign the contract.


Mike Lupica made this into a long story bye having every detail, stretched out sentences, and doesn’t have anything about the throw until a few chapters into the book.

When the throw is happening is 3 chapters until the book is over.  I would rate this book 6 out of 5 stars (yes, 6).


Mike Lupica has lots of suspense in his books and I highly recommend him to sports fans because he does overall excellent writing and has many books about many sports.

The Tiger Rising, By Kate DiCamillo


This is a very good book for someone who likes a mix a nature and non-fiction. The book is about a boy named Robert ‘Rob’ Horton who is around 11 years old. His mother is dead (died from cancer) and finds a tiger in the woods behind the ‘The Kentucky star Motel’ In Florida. The tiger really cheers him up along the way. He meets two ‘bus bullies’ named Norton Threemonger and Billy Threemonger. On one of the bus rides to school he sees  and meets a very independent girl named Sistine Bailey.  She hates Florida and wants to leave. She stands out with her clothing and attitude. She fights first in fights, gets hurt and doesn’t care.

Rob’s dream came true and then his real journey begins.

 Two big events are that he finds the tiger and he finds Sistine’s missing pieces to the puzzle.

I would give this book 3 *** because it doesn’t have a lot of suspense. There are parts where you want to just put the book down.