The cats of Roxville station by Jean Craighead George.

The name of the book I read this summer is The Cats of Roxville Station by Jean Craighead George. The main character is a cat named Ratchet who was mistreated by her owner. She was kicked, locked in the closet, and even went days without food and water. One night Ratchet’s owner went to the river and threw her over the bridge, thinking that it would kill her. But luckily Ratchet survived, got out of the water and wandered into Roxville Station. There she stumbled upon a life full of danger and unexpected kindness.

At Roxville station there is a order of ranking
1. Queennella ( black and white cat)
2. Ice bucket ( white but dirty cat)
3. Flea market ( brown coat matted from fleas)
4. Tatters and Tachometer (black and white sisters)
5. Elizabeth ( a small calico)
6. Rachet ( tiger striped cat)

As she settles into this new life, Rachet begins to work her way up the food chain. She gains new respect from the other cats by challenging Queennella, the head cat. One afternoon, Ratchet crawls through a cracked window and into the basement of a haunted house, owned by a women who hates cats. Little does she know, Mike, a young boy who has tried to befriend Ratchet before, is living there as well.

Suddenly, Ratchet is whirled into a world full of humans, pest control, and fierce predators. If you like action, adventures, drama, and talking animals, then this a book for you.
I rate this book 5 stars.

Unwanteds :Island of fire



This book is called Unwanteds written by Lisa McMann.This takes place on a island called Artime. Artime is an island that is green all over but has a mansion in the middle.  If you have read my other book reviews then you know that the main character is a boy named Alex and his new friends Sky and Crow, and his old friends Meghan, Samheed and Lani. In the third book Alex is under pressure now that the Unwanteds have no food, no water and are looking to Alex for answers. As Alex tries to pull everything together by getting the voice stealing thorn necklace off Meghan and finding Lani and Sameed.

In Quill, another section of the Island, Aaron has been planning an attack on Artime ever since he got a band of people riled up and then when he had taken over as high priestess and kidnapped high priestess haluki. Alex has to now decipher a cryptic note Mr.Today had left at his parting, a riddle:

Follow the dots at the traveling sun

Magnify, focus, every one

Stand enrobed where you first saw me

Utter in order; repeat times three.

“The unwanteds were beginning to starve. He handed it back to Henry and shook his head.”Give it to meg,”he said.”no, wait… to Carina Fathom and her baby. They need it most. Alex swallowed hard a

nd turned away so he wouldn’t be tempted to grab it back again.”  Alex is sacrificing everything for the Unwanteds, so they can live and keep Mr. Todays legend going.

I enjoyed this book because it has twists and turns you would never expect to happen, for example how Megan’s character had the necklace of thorns inserted on her neck and how they kidnapped Governor Haluki. I would recommend thisbook to people who like magical realism, action, adventure and drama. Unwanted would be a book for anyone who like dystopian books. The events in the stories fit like a puzzle piece. I would give this book 4 stars.


UNWANTEDS: Island of silence by Lisa McMann

Unwanteds: Island of Silence is a series of three books about a boy named Alex Stowe and his twin brother, Aaron Stowe.One year ago Alex was purged, the purge is when 12 year olds get sorted into groups of Unwanteds,Wanteds and Necessaries. Unwanteds are13406329 kids who are creative and think outside the box. Necessaries are kids that could have been Unwanteds, but had a certain skill for farming or cleaning so they were kept to do the dirty work for the wanteds. The Wanteds are the kids who stay inside the box and listen to the rules, and never question the authority.


Now that they have changed the rules completely, since governor Haluki became is in charge, the gate between the Wanteds and the Unwanteds are down and now the Necessaries are coming over to Artime. Where all the Unwanted lived over the years, for the life they never got to live. Now the Wanteds spoiled life gets snatched out of their hands and they have become restless with anger, as they put through the test of survivor. When they ask Governor Haluk why they are not getting food, his response is to go pick your own food. The Wanteds are not happy and they’re taking dramatic actions! But I guess, that “drastic times calls for drastic measures.”


During this crisis, Alex is facing new problems other than his brother. When two teenagers appear, with orange eyes, Alex is thrown into a maze of finding who these teenagers are and protecting Artime. My favorite quote is when Alex and Lani starts to smile and then Lani asks him why they are smiling and he says” We are awesome” (p.178).


I really enjoyed this book because it had magical realism in it, for example they live on an island but they have magic spells. I would recommend this book to somebody who likes either Hunger Games or Harry Potter or books in that genre. I would say this is 4.


Keepers of the lost cities By Shannon messenger

            book review by Oni Thornell

Eleven year old Sophie Foster Is not a regular girl, she is a telepath. She has been hearing people’s thoughts since she was 5 years old. This story takes place in San Diego and a place no one  could imagine. One day while Sophie is at the museum she meets a mysterious boy named Fitz. For the first time, Sophie realizes that she can’t  hear his thoughts. When he starts to talk to her, he apparently knows that she is a telepath. From that day on,her life changes in so many different ways that she doesn’t recognize herself . I enjoyed this book because it had all of my favorite things ;adventure, drama, humor and fantasy.

Keeper of the Lost Cities

One of my favorite parts was when Sophie was walking down the hall to see the school nurse because she burned her wrist with acid in physics class.  While walking down the hall she runs into a boy who had ditched his class and waiting till class was over. I would recommend this book to people who like adventure, drama and humor. I would rate this book with ten stars but since I can’t, five stars will do.


warriors by Erin Hunter


                     WARRIORS: Into the wild      by Erin Hunter

           A Book Review by Oni Thornell

    In this exciting filled book a cat named Rusty, lives in a small house that cats refer to as a twoleg nest. Rusty longs to go into the forest and hunt and be free. One of rusty’s best friend named smudge told him that wild cats lived out there and that there are to many dangers.

    One night Rusty’s longing for the woods was to hard to hold back and went to hunt for fun. While rusty was distracted he didn’t notice another cat sneaking up on him. The unfamiliar cat jumped on Rusty, but Rusty wouldn’t give up without a fight as the cats tussled the gray cat finally stopped and said, “you fight good for a kittypet, my name is Graypaw.” Rusty asked Graypaw where he was from and Greypaw said he was from Thunderclan.

    While Graypaw and Rusty were talking movement came from the bushes and Graypaw said it was his leader from Thunderclan, Bluestar and Lionheart,Graypaws mentor. If you dare to call a clan yours, pick this book up and find which is yours.

    This book I recommend to brave, strong and courageous people and give it *****stars

Kiki Strike, by Kristen Miller

In this mystery filled book a 13 year old girl named Ananka Fishbein thinks her life is boring until one day when she finds a sinkhole and sees a girl named Kiki Strike. you will meet a girl named sodionia in my opinion she is stuck up and snobby.Later on Ananka meets some mysterious girls Kiki Strike introduces her to. The girls names are Oona Wong, Betty Bent, Luz Lopez and Deedee Morlock. The series is set in New York city.

 I really liked this book and would give this book a five star rating.