Avalon Web Of Magic Circles In The Stream by Rachel Roberts

This book is about a girl named Emily Fletcher. Emily’250px-AvalonWebofMagicBook1Covers mom works at a animal clinic and Emily loves dogs. Emily doesn’t have a pet of her own though even though she want one. Emily is shy and is new. Emily’s mom works in the middle of the woods, so they take care of the injured animals in the woods and then when they are healed the get sent back in the woods. Emily’s dad has moved to seattle with anew family so Emily’s parents are divorced.

Later on Emily hears strange stuff about the woods. Some of the animals in the woods have disappeared. A boy named Kevin who also works at the animal clinic tells Emily that maybe monsters and ghost took all the animals. Emily doesn’t believe in that stuff like monsters and magic but she still wonders what or who took all the animals. The next day Emily walks the dogs and then emily heard a noise and two dogs named Biscuit and Jelly Bean ran away to see what the noise was coming from. Emily later on finds out that a girl named Adrian lives in the woods, she is strange and she doesn’t believe in friends. Also Emily meets a girl named Kara and she is spoiled  a popular girl at school.

I would recommend this book to somebody who likes adventure and animals because there a lot of animals like in the parts in the animal clinic. And there is lot’s of adventure in the parts when Emily meets her friends and much more. I would rate this book 5 stars because I love animals (Dogs) and I love adventure books.

Bunnicula By Deborah and James Howe

This book is about the Monroe family and they have a dog named Harold and a Cat named Chester. Toby, and Pete Monroe, and Ms. and Mr. Monroe were out from the movies and then they brought back home a Rabbit that they found in the streets. After a couple of weeks with the new pet, this pet does not speak and ignores Chester and Harold. Chester the cat is jumping to conclusions and saying that this new “pet” is acting strange and might not be a normal pet at all.

Harold the dog is being the total opposite of Chester and just saying that maybe the new pet is just shy and needs a little time to fit in.

After another couple of weeks this new rabbit has been acting strange a lot and Chester decided to stay up all night and see what’s going on. While Chester was up, he saw the Rabbit eat all of the Monroes vegetables. This rabbit is not eating the vegetables but is sucking the color out of the vegetables that there turning white. The Monroes don’t know what’s going on but Chester sure does. So Chester tells Harold the whole story and Harold stays up during the night, and Harold can not believe what he’s seeing and Chester cannot believe what he’s about to say. Chester get’s all crazy and says that this rabbit is not just a rabbit, it’s a vampire rabbit and his name is Bunnicula. Here is quote from Chester the cat. “Don’t judge a rabbit by it’s cover if you know it’s a vampire.”

bunnicula-bgI would recommend this book to someone who likes mystery books because this book has a lot of mystery. I would also rate this book 4 stars **** because it’s a great book but in the middle of the book it starts to get a little confusing like, first Bunnicula sucks the color from the vegetables and then the Monroes figure out who it is and then they think it’s Chester and stuff. Some mystery books are confusing and this one is, just a little.


Pokemon Adventures By Hidenori Kusaka

This book is based on the popular video game Pokemon. This book is about a boy named Red and his dream is to be a pokemon master. Red is a 11 year old boy and he is on his adventure to catch and maybe discover new pokemon. Also for people who don’t know a lot about pokemon Pokemon are strange creatures that live in the forests and mountains and even in the water, there are also some pokemon that haven’t even been discovered yet. Well anyway Red also finds his popular and everybody knows him, PIKACHU.

Red meets some new friends on his way to become a pokemon master. He meets two pokemon gym leaders named Brock the rock pokemon trainer and Misty the water pokemon trainer. There also different types of pokemon like Rock, Electric, Water, Fire, Psychic, Grass, and others. There are also greedy characters who want to be the richest of all time and collect legendary and rare pokemon and they are called Team Rocket. They are Reds enemy and always get in his way.Here is a quote that I made up because there was no quote in the book that represents the character,”you can never give up on the dream you are following.”

I  love this book because it’s funny and the book has a lot of action in it like when the pokemon battle and there are a lot of obstacles in this book that Red and his pokemon have to challenge with. I would rate this book beyond five stars because I loved this book so much and for the people who don’t like pokemon I would recommend this book to those people because I know they would like It and for the people who do like pokemon this is the perfect book for you. I would recommend this book to someone who likes action and adventure  because Red goes on a lot of adventures in this book.


A Forest World By Felix Salten

This book is about these wild animals that live in the forest. The main character is named Manni and he is a friendly donkey who tries to help other animals in the forest. Manni has lots of friends and he is an adventures donkey too. He lives on a farm that is not to far from the forest. There are other animals that live with him in the farm like Devil the stallion. The setting of this book takes place in the forest with lots of danger but pretty sight.

Manni and his friends have a nice life in the forest and the farm until poachers threaten them in the woods. The animals are going to have to choose whether to stay at their favorite place to live, or find a new place to live which could take days to find a new and perfect home. But also Manni does not want to go look for a new habitat or just stay, he wants to fight against the poachers and stay at his and his friends home. Also some important events from the book is when later on things start to change around. The stables change by getting all rusty and not in good shape. The trees start to get chopped down and some of the animals are starting to get sick. Another important event is when the forest gets so bad that the forest was turning into something that Manni and his friends would have never guessed.

I enjoyed this book because it shows how to keep your environment clean and healthy and to remember that animals need to be taken care of too. I would recommend this book to someone who loves animals and nature and poetry because this book has a lot of animals in it and has really descriptive words. I would rate this book 5 stars because the book was really understandable and had good chapters.1442486376









The One And Only Ivan By Katherine Applegate

This book is about a gorilla named Ivan who lives at the Exit 8 Big Top Mall and Video Arcade. Ivan lived in the jungle with his mom dad and his sister Tag. He liked living in the jungle with his family until people came to take Ivan and Tag away, and Tag tried to escape and that was when she got killed and his parents got killed trying to save Ivan, then Ivan got shipped to the mall. Ivan is a nice gorilla and dose not really like how this big billboard in the parking lot has Ivan looking all scary, and Ivan is really a nice guy. Ivan has friends who live at the mall with him, he has a friend named Stella the elephant, Bob the stray dog, and Julia a girl who comes to the mall a lot because her father George works at the mall. Ivan loves art especially painting and Julia loves art too so every time when Julia comes to the mall she has art supplies that she gives Ivan. Ivan likes the mall but starts to miss the jungle. He sometimes also misses his family, but he does have a stuffed gorilla toy named Not Tag. Later on Ivan loves the mall, but later on the book changes start happening, and it is up to Ivan to make those changes better for everyone and especially someone new who joins Ivan and the gang. I would give this book 5 stars because this book has lots of interesting obstacles that Ivan has to face witch make me fell like i am in the book and what makes this book more interesting is that this book was based on a real gorilla who lived in the mall.  I would recommend this book to someone who loves animal books and likes poems and  because this book has a lot of descriptive and poetic words.tmp430453043746570240

Survivors A Hidden Enemy By Erin Hunter

My book is about a dog named Lucky. He is a Golden Retriever who is confident and brave and never gives up. This book takes place in the woods, with lots of trees and rivers where lots of humans don’t live, and only wild dogs live there. Lucky leads a pack of more dogs that are trying to survive in the woods. The pack has to travel around the woods and look for new shelter every day. This book has a lot of adventure in it and animals in it. this book also has a lot of description  in it and makes you feel like your in the book. I like this book because it has animal in it and lots of poetic words in it and it makes me understand the book better. Lucky also has a really good friend named Sweet an Italian Greyhound.  Sweet is also really adventures and always keeps everybody going.  I would recommend this book to somebody who likes animals and adventure, I would rate this book 5 stars because the poetic words were  really good and the chapters were not to short or not to long.

Little House In The Big Woods By Laura Ingalls Wilder

Long ago a girl named Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in the big woods of Wisconsin in a little log house. She lived with her older sister Mary, her baby sister Carrie, and her ma and pa, and there watchdog jack. Back then kids used to call there parents ma and pa instead of mother and father. This book is about her and her life and how they lived back then. Laura is a energetic girl who loves to play and loves being with her family. Her older sister Mary is way more different then Laura, for example Laura loves playing outside and getting dirty but Mary likes to keep her dress clean and listens to her parents. Some parts of the book is really nice and mellow but some of the other parts really has alot of adventure. When you read this book you learn how they lived back then, like when Lauras pa goes out to hunt food or how they made food back then like what kind of materials they used. This book is also when Laura and Mary have new expierences  like when Laura and Mary go to town for the first time. I would recomend this book to somebody who loves adventure and likes books about other people and how they lived. I would rate this book 5 stars because when i first looked at this book I did not want to read it, but when i had to read this book it was really good and one more reason why i loved this book is because that it was really cool how i learned how they lived back then and specificly how the author of this book lived.

The Tiger Rising, By Kate DiCamillo

 My book is called The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. This book takes place in the misty Florida woods.The main characters in this book are Rob Horton and the tiger. The tiger is a character who does not show up a lot in the book because the tiger is mostly in Rob’s head. One important event is when Rob’s mother dies because when Rob’s mother die’s Rob’s mood and personality changed for the whole book. Another important event is when Rob meets a girl named Sistine Bailey on his first day of school. This is a important event because Sistine is helpful and gives Rob evidence in the whole book. I really enjoyed this book because I loved the description poetic words in the book. My favorite part of the book is when Rob meets the tiger because Rob says that he sees the tiger rising. I would recommend this book to somebody who likes poems and art because there is lots of poetic words and lots of art stuff in the book. For example there are  carvings of the tiger that they explain about.

I will rate this book four stars because I think the chapters were a little to short in this book but

any way it was a good book.