The Glass Sentence by S.E. Grove

The Glass Sentence by S.E. Grove

by Margaret

I recently read a book called The Glass Sentence by S.E. Grove. This book takes place in a place called New Occident, in 1891.The main character is a girl named Sophia. Sophia lives with her uncle named Shadrack because her parents went missing when she was really little. The only way how to know where you’re going is by maps. They do not have any electronic devices. In New UnknownOccident there is something going on called the Great Disruption. The Great Disruption is when the world got split up into little groups and each of those little groups got put into a different time period.

No one knows who is causing the Great Disruption. One day, in Parliament people are trying to figure out how to stop the Great Disruption. They decide that they should close all of the borders of New Occident, so no  one can leave and no one can come. Soon, the borders will be closed and everyone will be stuck in New Occident. Meanwhile, Shadrack is determined to find Sophia’s parents so Shadrack teaches Sophia everything that he knows about maps. They are practically prepared to leave for Sophia’s parents when some mysterious men go into their house and steal Shadrack.  All that Sophia knows about these men is that they all have giant scars across their cheeks. Sophia was so sad. Then, Sophia sees a mysterious boy from a different country in her house. His name is Theo and he had just escaped from the circus and needed somewhere to sleep. Sophia and Shadrack have a housekeeper named Mrs. Clay from the Baldlands. Mrs. Clay is a little bit crazy because she had encountered one of the worlds most rare creatures called a Lachrima when she was little and the thought of it still haunts her now.  On page 124, Theo says “I wish I could have met a Lachrima.” Theo ends up coming with Sophia on her journey to save Shadrack.

Sophia and Theo go around the world, traveling through time. I really enjoyed this book because it has that old-timey feeling. I also like how this book uses a lot of old-fashioned words. I like how it has a very clever plot. If you like mysterious, old-fashioned books, than this is the perfect book for you. I would rate this book four stars.

imgres-4I am reading a book called The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. It has three main characters. One named Jason, one named Leo and one named Piper. All three of them got mysteriously taken to a camp called Camp Half Blood. Camp Half Blood is a camp for half bloods. A half blood is someone who has one parent who is a greek god and one parent who is a regular person. Camp half blood is a place where half bloods have to train to go on quests. A quest is basically an adventure that not a lot of half bloods go on, to save someone or to get something. It is a very good community. Everyone who goes there is sort of like a family. They do things together and they are all friends in one way or another

They all got taken to Camp Half Blood, and immediately have to go on a quest. The quest is to save Hera, a very important greek god. All of Olympus would just fall apart without Hera, because Hera keeps the family of the gods together. Hera is the wife of Zeus. She has been kidnapped and Jason, Piper and Leo have to go on a quest to help save her. You have to read on in order to find out if they save her or not. Camp Half Blood is a place with strawberry fields, and it is meant to help half bloods train for quests. It is where most half bloods go.

Everything is going wrong without Hera, like Jason and Piper keep on seeing visions of Hera and also, a very important Half Blood named Percy Jackson has gone missing! Piper is mostly going on the quest because she is hoping that she will find her dad who has been missing for three days. She is hoping that on the quest, she will find him. Jason does not remember anything. He has no idea who he is or where he has been. All he knows is that something is not right. He senses it. He is going on the quest, hoping that he will get his memory back.

Leo is a mischievous kid who has a way with tools. He keeps on seeing the ghost of his babysitter named Tía Callida who tried to kill him! He is hoping that that has something to do with Hera being missing, so that if he completes the quest, Leo will stop seeing the ghost of his babysitter. Leo thinks Tía Callida had been trying to kill him, but maybe she was trying to make Leo stronger. On page 137, Tía Callida said, “Where is your bravery, little hero? Show me the fates were right to choose you.” Do you think Tía Callida has been trying to kill Leo or trying to make him stronger? Maybe Tía Callida was trying to see if Leo could stay alive after she let Leo play with a Rattle Snake.

I am really enjoying this book because I like how Rick Riordan included greek mythology in this book. I also like how he describes the setting in a way where you have to think in order to understand the setting. I also like how the book is really funny when Leo is talking. I would recommend this book to people who like magical books because this book is magical, in a realistic way. I also would recommend this book to people who like funny books because this book has funny quotes here and there. I would rate this book four stars.



The Battle Of The Labyrinth by Rick Riordan

imgres-1I recently read a book called The Battle Of The Labyrinth by Rick Riordan. In this book, the main character is Percy Jackson. Percy is a boy, who is a bad student, for example he has ADHD. He also has dyslexia. Also, he is a demigod. A demigod is someone who is half god half human. In order to be a demigod, one of your parents have to be a god and one of your parents have to be mortal, which is also known as regular.

In this book there are a couple of supporting characters. One is named Annabeth, who is really smart and intelligent and is a demigod. Another one is named Grover and he is a satyr. A satyr is someone who is half goat, half boy. Another supporting character is Tyson. He is a very scared, and not very smart Cyclops. A Cyclops is a person who is very strong, and has only one eye.  This book takes place in a labyrinth. The labyrinth keeps on growing, sort of like a living person.

You are probably wondering why they are in a maze that goes forever. It is because they have to find Daedalus-the person who made the labyrinth-and convince him to not let Kronos’s army get through the labyrinth. Kronos’s army is trying to take over Olympus, and is going to use the labyrinth to get there. The labyrinth goes anywhere you want, if you know how to navigate it. That is why Kronos wants to find Daedalus, so he and his army can convince Daedalus to teach them how to navigate the army. Kronos is an evil titan lord. Kronos’s army is so big. On page 202, it said “I almost froze in mid air. Kronos’s army was as big as five football fields.”

This book is one of the best books I have ever read. I really like how Rick Riordan was very descriptive. His description gave you a good feeling, that goes with the type of place it is. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read because this book has just about everything for every type of reader. I would rate this book five stars because it is a really amazing book.


The Name Of This Book Is Secret By Pseudonymous Bosch

I am reading a book called This Isn’t What It Looks Like by Pseudonymous Bosch. It has two main characters, one named Cass, who is a survivalist, for example she keeps shovels in her school backpack  just in case a blizzard comes and She

Unknowngets covered in snow. There is another main character named Max-Ernest who is super smart and talks really fast, like when someone says something that is not accurate, he goes crazy and corrects it. The author of this book chooses to keep where this book takes place a secret, but it is sort of part of the story.


This book is about Cass getting in a coma. She does not get in a coma for normal reasons like being stressed, she gets in a coma because she ate a piece of chocolate that brings her back in time. This chocolate was made by a world famous evil chef.  This chocolate is supposed to help her find out “the secret” but stuff start to go not so much as planned. Max-Ernest learns that he is not allergic to chocolate and eats a little bit too much. It said in the book “Max-Ernest felt the need to eat 7 chocolate bars.” So now you get an idea of how much chocolate Max-Ernest was eating. This book also is about Cass and Max-Ernest trying to keep some “people” from finding out the secret, because the secret is a little bit too powerful for the “people” to handle.

I really liked this book because it is very mysterious, and every five minutes I almost fall out of my seat because something really unexpected happened in the book that changes the whole story. I rate this book five stars because it is surprising and I like that about it. I recommend this book to people who like being surprised because this book is very surprising.

The School For Good And Evil by Soman Chainani

imgresI am reading a book called The School For Good and Evil by Soman Chainani. It has a girl named Agatha and a girl named Sophie. It takes place in a little town and in that town every four years two children get picked to either go to the school of good, or the school of evil. Now you see, when they get picked, they get lost in the woods and end up in the school of good and evil. When children go missing in the forest, alot of parents can not find their kids and put up missing signs.

When people look at the missing signs they recognize the people on the signs. Then they see those same faces in their fary takes.  After they graduate from the school of good and evil, they get to be good and evil characters in fairy tales. That is the cycle. Sophie is pink, sparkly and is very nice. Agatha is dark and punk. This particular four years, Sophie and Agatha get chosen to go to to either the school of good or the school of evil. Something very unexpected happens. Agatha gets chosen to be in the school of good and is very surprised. Sophie gets chosen to be in the school of evil and is really surprised. At first, they think it is a mistake, but could it be that the characters are starting to find out who they really are? I recommend this book, especially to people who like magical realism that has realistic characters, but the story itself is not realistic.


I would rate this book four stars because it is magical and  fun.


This Isn’t What It Look Like by Pseudonymous Bosch

I recently read a book called This Isn’t What It Looks Like by Pseudonymous Bosch. It is a very mysterious book. One thing that makes it mysterious is that the author shows you chapters sometimes that seem random when you are reading them but by the end of the book, you know exactly why he showed you that chapter at that time.


The book is about a girl named Cass, who by eating a piece of chocolate, hopes she can find one of the most important pieces of information in the world. Then she falls asleep and goes into a coma, but in her brain, she is on a mission. Will she find out the information, or will she not? Will she get out of her coma, or will she die? I am leaving that for you to figure out. At some times, the book is really relaxing and funny, but at some times, you are not sure if the main characters (Cass and Max-Ernest) will make it back alive.


I rate this book four stars because the book is mysterious, but not quite a mystery.

The Name of This Book is Secret By Pseudonymous Bosch

Very Surprising Book

I recently read a book called “The Name Of This Book Is Secret.” by Pseudonymous Bosch. My rating is five stars!  Normally, every chapter I read, I am gasping because something really surprising just happened in the book. In the book, the two main characters find a magician’s house and everything goes wrong. If you like books that are very surprising, than this book is the book for you. This book is for people who like reading about VERY surprising things, like someone being evil instead of good, or something happening that you know but the good characters do not. The book also has lots of secret codes. The codes are the type of codes where there are scrambled letters or something like that. The characters are very wacky, one named Cass who is training to be a survivalist and who keeps weird things in her backpack and the other character named Max-Ernest who talks so much, you can barely hear what he is saying.This book has an ending that is not the way you think it would end. I can not tell you anything else, the only way to find out more information is to read the book yourself.

        By Margaret MacGillivray