The Outcast by John Flanagan

Hal is a very interesting teenager, his dad died fighting. Hal is an Outcast in Skandia. He has one friend named Stig whose father ran away.

It is about to be brotherband training where the 15-year-old boys train to be real warriors. So on the day the choose there brother bands Hal gets the group with all the outcast and he is there leader.

Hal is a very smart kid and is a day ahead of the other two brother bands already. But when it comes to training it gets harder for them and it gets more and more athletic every day.

Soon comes the part on a boat, Hal made his own boat named the Heron. She is different from other Skandia’s boats. And during one race one boat gets stuck and can’t compete brotherband training.

Any mistake they make they could lose. It difficulties is hard to match but eventually the win. And win brotherband training they are rewarded to protect a special artifact for a night. And the one night they’re there it gets stolen. They leave to get it back. Will the get it back or will the die! Read this awesome series to find out.

I really liked this book it was 5 out of 5 stars and is and is awesome because it grips on you like a claw and makes you want to read more. Read this book if you like adventure books and books by John Flanagan.


Batman The Sires, By Bob Kane

I looooove this book. It was and original to the people who really like comic books, like myself. Batman is so cool. With all his gadgets and little tinkering devices. He has the skill of a regular superhero and is not a mutant or alien or experiment gone wrong.


He just went away for a few years and then came back this crime fighting awesome guy. One time he was fighting Joker, and he punched him in the stomach and The Boy Wonder/ Robin punched him in the legs and Joker went flying.


Robin is also really awesome because he always gets caught and he never ever dies. Then he remembers he has a homing devices, and boom batman is there. Batman is like a symbol to people like James Jordan the police commissioner.

“He’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.” -Jim Gordon in Batman


Well I give this book ten out of five stars because Batman is so awesome and he deserves better than regular comic. He is a awesome billionaire during the day, and he becomes an awesome crime fighters at night.

Here are a few more quotes from Batman. P.S, they are epic!

“It’s not underneath, but what we do that defines us.” Rachel Dawes in Batman

“Either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Harvey Dent in Batman


Spirits in the Park, By Scott Mebus

warning this is a second book in the series


Rory has known about Mannahatta, the Native American world, for a very long time. Rory is a really good basketball player, he is strong, filled with passion and loves everything. “The boy can’t relax.” Says Rory’s sister. Rory is known as the light because he can see the spirits. The spirits world is mixed with the normal world and the gods who ruled New York City in its early days.


Only a month ago is when the earthquake struck. The earthquake affected him and his family. And then Sergeant Kiffer takes Rory to his place which is a not very good bar. This is no ordinary earthquake, though. Is it New York City attempting at breaking the Trap around Central Park that holds the in the Munsee Indians? Or is it something else?


The Trap must open or the balance between Mannahatta and Manhattan will be destroyed! And only Rory can open it. But will Rory take help from his newfound friends, including the band of children of the gods? A.K.A the Rattle Watch?


The book includes encounters with some of New York most famous figures, including Washington Irving, Captain Kidd and Bill the Butcher who will help Rory figure out how to do that. And the answer may just surprise him. . . .


I give this a book a 3 out of 5 stars because I was not on the tip of my toes the whole time. I like books that have a dangerous corner every page of the book. I read the first and that was much different. Things happened after one thing was resolved. This book isn’t half as good as the first.

My Name Is Mina And I Love The Night Anything Seems Possible At Night When The Rest Of The World Has Gone Sleep, By David Almond.

“My Name Is Mina” is about a girl who starts to write a journal about her life. But there is a catch. She does it at night. She says anything is possible when the rest of the world has gone to sleep. Well Mina isn’t the coolest kid around. She writes in another diary during the day in a tree. So she gets bullied a lot. This book changes years constantly so you kind of have to keep up. Mina lives in England. She gets kicked out of school because she write nonsense on an important essay the had to write.


Here is a quote from “My Name Is Mina.” “Sometimes I look at the world and I am amazed that there’s anything at all. Why is there anything? Why is there something? Rather than nothing? Why? Why? Why? Why? Was there just nothing? And did that nothing turn into something? And if that nothing turned into something how did it do it, and why? Why? Why? Why?


Well Mina isn’t exactly the worlds, average kid. She is a bit mental. So she is not mental in a way that makes her stupid just in a way that makes her strange. Find out if Mina gets back into school and gets a normal life. If you read this book. I give this book a four and a half star rating. It was good but it was a little weird. At first I thought it would be a complete waste of time.


But this book really taught me that we are lucky about what we have. And what our brain is like. We have normal brains. Some kids are really messed up in the head. But we are lucky enough that that did not happen to us. I also liked the book because it was they gave you interesting facts and fun things to do when you have free time.


13 Curses, By Michelle Harrison

Red is a girl with special powers. She can see fairies. She is a regular thirteen year old until her parents die, in a car crash. Terrible things start to happen to Red. While her two friends are in England with a fat strange house keeper and the rest of the staff is very strange too. Her friends Rowan and Fabian are very strange. Rowan has the same powers as Red. Fabian has eye drops that let him have the special power. Red is more than athletic. She has a huge brain and has an eye for strange things. The setting of the book is in the fairy realm and human realm.


In this book they state the obvious You must go on an adventure. “Fabian we are going on an adventure.”(page 73) The characters younger brother gets taken by the fairies, in this book fairies are evil creatures. He is that last part of his family left. The book has a lot of flashbacks. The come out all of the sudden sometimes. Red gets stuck in the fairy realm and Fabian and Rowan have to save her. But Fabian needs the eye drops to get in. One problem that Red has is that she gets captured by a witch who wants to use her for evil. Will Red get her brother back will Fabian and Rowan come in time, find out and Read this book but please consider the following.


I give this book a four and a half. It’s not the best book I’ve ever read it should have ended different. It has great description and should have been longer. There is a series. I will probably not read the others. Though I kept reading the book. At the beginning it is kind of boring. You have to read through it.



Alabama Moon, By Watt Key


It’s about a kid named Moon Blake, he lives in the forest with his father. Then one day a guy buys part of the land that they’re living in. So the father gets stressed out, then the father gets a piece of wood stuck in his leg, After time he dies. He tells moon to try to get to Alaska, with his last breath. So Moon backs his stuff in the wheelbarrow and sets for Alaska. He finds out which way Alaska is and he walks that way. Then a police man finds him walking. They have a little fight with one another, after a while the police man puts him in the car and puts him in jail. He stays there for a while and then goes to a boys home. He meets his friend who has a breathing problem and another buff one. Moon has plans to get out of the mini hell, will he with his friends or will he be stuck in there for ever? Find out if you read the book, I give this book a five star rating. It was a great book, it makes me cry every time I read it.


Museum Of Thieves, By Lian Tanner


The book I read is the Museum Thieves. It was very good and I liked it, it had a very rich tone that is very good to read when you’re tired. It also very action back book. It gets you off your chair and makes you want to read it more. It’s about a girl named Sophie and she runs away, after the government looks for her. She finds a museum, it’s called the museum of thieves. And in the museum there are some very strange people, and some very strange things. Sophie will test to get in the museum. Read this book if you want to find out figure if the government will find here. I give this book a five star rating. If you want to read it good for you if it’s not your type move along.


Insurgent By Veronica Roth


This book is great for kids ages 10 and up. It gives you a peace of your mind that you would never think of, it also warns you that the government is great. I also liked it because it is full of adventure it has guns in it though. So if you don’t want a hard core adventure book this book is not for you. I would not recommend this book to younger kids because it is kind of intense and it might get them to cries a little bit. I also want to tell you that it’s the second book in a trilogy. The first one is Divergent. The plot is that a faction over through the government, and the main character a girl named Tris and her friend Tobias have to return it to all the factions instead of just one. Will they win or will they lose and die, find out if you read this book. I give this book a five star rating, it also one a book award that is how good it is. Let its magic take over and read that trilogy now.

School Story, by Andrew Clements

School Story is about a girl named Natalie. She writes a book, her friend wants to publish it. It takes a few steps but she says yes. The only problem is that Natalie’s mom is a publisher. And Natalie wants her mom to publish it. But her mom doesn’t know it. So will she get her mom to publish her book or will some one else get the job? If you read this terrible book you will find out. The editor of this book made a bad decision to publish it. Now a bunch of kids will have to read it. I give this book a one star rating because it was terrible and it told you the whole thing at the beginning. I recommend this book to the “Society of Bad Books.” This book is like eating a bad pickle the whole way through. My favorite part of the book is when I closed it.