The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley


The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley is a series about two sisters who discover that their great-great-great-great grandfather was one half of the brothers grimm, famous fairy tale writers. Daphne is very enthusiastic about life while Sabrina is a grump.


The sisters learn not only who they are the descendants of but what they really did, fairytale documenting. In this book fair tales are history that have been documented. The Everafters fairy tale characters want to leave town to start a war. Willhelm, one of the Brothers Grimm, decides to act. To prevent the war Wilhelm Grimm goes to a powerful witch called Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga creates a magical barrier to prevent the Everafters from leaving the town. But there are some problems with this barrier — it won’t work unless there is at least one Grimm in the town. But with this barrier people get mad for example everyone in the the group called the scarlet hand lead by the anonymous master. The hands goal is to leave the town and start the war. To do that there might be some fighting inside the town too…


I would recommend this book to people who like fantasy. I rate it five stars.*****


Alex Rider Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz.

Alex Rider: Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz is about a kid named Alex Rider. Alex is an excited ambitious and stubborn child for example he does not want to go on a mission he will keep a very good argument not to go. When Carver and Troy CIA operatives pretending to be his parents so they can get on to Skeleton Key. Tell him to stay at the hotel he left to check out the island. (Skeleton Key)


The plot is about a man called General Alexei Sarov who has a nuclear bomb and is trying to blow up his home country, Russia. A main part is when alex turns off the bomb. Another Main part is when alex is asked by Alan Blunt tells him that he has to help the CIA and go two Skeleton Key. “You won’t get away with this” Said alex like in anything with a bad guy.


I did enjoy this book because it is exciting, scary, and boring at some parts …………………………………… it’s worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would give this book about 500 out of 5 stars   *****l*******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************


Hazardous Tales By Nathon Hale


Hazardous Tales by Nathan Hale which is funny because there was a spy named Nathan Hale in The Revolutionary War who is the main character in this book. It is about Nathan Hale ( the spy) who is about to be hanged on something called a gallows and the stories he tells to the hangman and a redcoat (English soldiers named after their red coats). It takes place in an English territory in 1779 during the American Revolution.

Nathan Hales one problem is that he has but one life to give for his country. ( A Nathan hale quote ” My only regret is that I have but one life to give for my country” ). This book is about the entire revolution two main parts are when Nathan becomes the spy and when he gets slammed in The Big Giant Book of American History. It is very interesting because pretty much everything is true.

I would recommend this book to someone who likes humor and wars because it is about a war.If you like to learn while you are reading you should read it. I give it five out of five stars. *****I because of all the positive things I said in this review.


Alex Rider: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

My book is called Alex Rider: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz It is about this kid Alex who becomes a spy. He is very fast, sneaky, and well built up.He is a black belt in Karate, he has been on many hikes, bungy jumping, and mountain climbing.This book takes place in England.

Alex’s parents died before he really got a chance to meet them. He lived with his uncle Ian Rider who worked for a bank called the Royal and General. When Ian dies Alex learns that Ian was in fact not a banker but a spy. When Alex was called upon by MI6 (The Royal and General) his life is changed completely. And at age 14 Alex Rider is shipped off to boot camp. He hates boot camp the assault course he refers to as “The adventure playground from hell”. Alex works with a couple of people they are not very nice but he helps one of them and then they are nicer to him.

I loved Stormbreaker because it is very fast exciting and a spy book. I would recommend this to anyone who likes fast moving spy adventures. I give it fifty of five stars. *****I*********************************************200px-Stormbreakerbook

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Fleming.

chitty chitty bang bang by Ian Fleming (who also wrote the James Bond series) is a book about a magical car and it’s adventures and it is excellent. chitty chitty bang bang is set in England and France. the main characters are Mimsie Caractacus Jeremy and Jemima Pots a poor-ish family who make millions on an invention. when they get the money they buy a car and fix it up then they go on an adventure. They’re in France they run into some trouble. there is also a recipe  surprise at the end, if you have the right edition. I give this book ***** five


The Three Investigators #5 an Ear For Danger

This book is about three kids Jupiter,Pete,and Bob who like to investigate things.This book is very good and exciting and may I ad a little bit scary and funny like when they meet this kid Brit  who is dyslexic (sees letters in the wrong order.) and jupe showed him a business card and he thought it said the three nivetsitagors  another exciting part was when they realized that they were on a  volcano. I give this book five stars. 

The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley.

This book is about two girls, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm whose parent disappeared and were sent to live . The last trace of the person who kidnapped their parents was a bright red hand print. This book has a lot of emotion because Sabrina has a lot of anger in her. Daphne is very inthusiastic about life while sabrina is  a grump.

I give this story five stars.

The Mouse and the Motorcycle, by Beverley Cleary


The Mouse and the Motorcycle is about a charming mouse named Ralph who lives in a hotel and a little boy named Keith who become friends over a toy motorcycle in the hotel in California. This peaceful story, toward the end transforms into an exciting adventure. an exciting part of the book is when Keith gives Ralph motorcycle. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes silly stories about friends who are an animal and a human. I liked this book and I hope you do too. I give this story five stars.