The Homework Machine By Dan Gutman

I chose to write my book review on a book called The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman. There are four main characters in this book. Brenton and Judy are the smart ones in the class and they are both really shy and unique people. Then Sam and Kelsey are the type of kids who have a lot of friends and don’t get really good grades, though Kelsey at least tries. This story changes settings throughout the book between Brenton’s house and their  5th grade class.

One really important thing is when the author reveals that Sam had a dad in the army who died. The biggest probleimagesm happens in the middle of the book when people start to find out about the homework machine. The reason the homework machine got started is because of Brenton. Brenton invented the homework machine for himself but not to do all his work just a little. Then things got complicated. Judy, Sam and Kelsey started getting suspicious when the teacher gave out homework and Brenton didn’t seem worried. Brenton eventually told them about the homework machine and then they started to use it too. Someone in the group tells the school newspaper about the machine and that pretty much puts an end to a good thing.


I wouldn’t say I loved this book but I didn’t think it was horrible.   I would recommend this book to people who are looking for a book to read when they have nothing to do because it isn’t exactly the book that would have you down on your knees asking for more. I would rate this book 3 out of five stars.


The Girl Who Could Fly, by Victoria Forester

The book that I chose to read is called The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria  Forester. The main character is a average girl or is she?…anyway her name is Piper McCl6639840-M-1oud she is 9-10 years old and has a big country accent, her parents are Betty and Joe McCloud. The list of supporting characters go on forever so im just not going to name them. The setting of the book shifts from Lowland country to the academy for children with extraordinary talents.

One really important event was when Piper learned to fly. It started out like this…when Piper was born she always had the ability to float a few feet above the ground. Finally when she got older Piper built up the courage to jump off the room of her farm house. She realised SHE COULD FLY!

Another important event was when piper had to make a big decision. She had to chose to leave her parents forever (remember she is only 9-10) or go to an academy for special children who have extraordinary talents. P.S you might think this is  spoiler but its not because it says it on the back of the book. Piper chose to go to the academy but little did she know that she would be taken from her parents do that .

I think the biggest problem is probably when she gets to the academy and settles in she soon realizes that what she thought to be the safest place for her . Her talent turns out to be the most dangerous place she could ever be. You might think the biggest problem is something else. But you might want to stay clear from this book, normally you all wouldn’t take my advice but trust me on this one I am saving you a lot of disappointment. One thing I liked about this book is behind all the discription this book has some incredible quotes. Like when Piper is teaching her self to fly she made up a little saying to make the lesson a lot easier “I am as light as a feather, as swift as a bird and I can fly.” So even though this book is horrible you might want to scan it to see all the good and funny quotes and take a look at the part when the author does tell the story how good the story is.

I didn’t enjoy the book very much but I hope others will. I loved the story a lot but there was too much detail, the book should have been 100 pages long but instead it was 320 something pages because of description. It is good to explain and have discription but this is too much, you could barely go through three words without having to move into description and change the topic. Some parts of this book were as painful to hear as to see a grown man cry. Just when you are getting into the story you can be taken out and distracted really easily. I would recommend this book to people who love and can take in gallons of description and who stick to one book even if it is horrible. (HINT, HINT) I would rate this book 11/2 stars*½ out of 5 stars*****


The Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, by Judy Blume

If you’re in fourth grade, most of you are, I would recommend this Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume to all of you. I personally didn’t want to read this book but my dad talked me into it and as soon as I read the first chapter I couldn’t stop. Another thing this book has in common is I think we all live in NYC just like Peter the main character in this book and his little brother Fudge. Unknown-1Peter is a BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG, people pleaser. An example of this would be when the dad of  Peter and Fudge has some guests staying at there house. Each bring both Peter and Fudge presents and though Peter despises his present he tries to please the guests by using his “amazing” acting skills. Peter is also as an impatient kid and a kid who takes things too literally.

The whole book is based around fact that Fudge has some spite to him and adults only get to see the angle side of him. For example Peter’s first pet passed away because Fudge swallowed him whole which lead to Peter getting a dog. In this story Fudge goes to the hospital for the reason listed above. That is a really important event in the story because right when Peter starts to get the slightest bit of attention Fudge has to pick the pet up and swallow it whole, that of course l leads to Fudge getting more attention not intentionally like always.

           I enjoyed this book because I can relate to two things with the main character, we are both in 4th grade, and we both have parents who always assume that the little sibling is an angel and  rarely gets in trouble. My favorite quote in the whole book would be when the mom said “ we have to trick Fudge if we want him to stop whining so this is the plan…” I like this quote because normally in this story everyone is always on Fudges side of things and this quote changes things up a bit. I would recommend this book to everyone because this book isn’t a book that is only interesting to the people who like that genre, but it is one of books like Wonder where it is a funny and interesting book for everyone. I would rate this book 4****and a half out of 5*****



Emily Windsnap and the Sirens Secret, by Liz Kessler

Over spring break I read the third book in the Emily windsnap series, The Sirens Secret by Liz Kessler. The main character in the Emily  windsnap  series is of of course Emily. Aaron and Shona are Emily’s best friends and are with Emily throughout the story. Emily has a crush on Aaron which makes things really awkward between them.  Emily is a loyal friend, determined, funny and shy towards new people. The setting of the book is mostly in the water because well the main character is a mermaid. Emily’s mom is a human so the story of course takes place on land too.  If you have not read any of the books on this series I would suggest reading the book reviews on the first and seconded books.

UnknownOne day Emily and Shona are really bored so Shona advises that Emily and herself go to see the lost sirens. A siren is a mermaid that attacks fishing boats that come into certain parts of the sea, they lore the fishermen into the sea bringing them to instant deaths by their siren songs. Anyway shins went looking for the lost sirens and decided to split up.  Emily was swimming along when she felt a strange current pulling her into what looked like an old well. Emily made the decision to jump into the well which led her to the lost sirens. At first when Emily met the sirens they seemed so nice and gentle. But after a while their soft tone turned into an impatient sharp tone that was when Emily had a feeling that the sirens were slowly but forcing her to do something, but Emily wasn’t sure

what that thing was…at least not yet. SING! Emily was not told why she had to sing but some feeling inside her told her to do what the sirens said or else… After a few hours Emily remembered about Shona, she had to find her. As Emily was remembering Shona guess who shot herself down that well, no one but Shona. They tried to go up the well but soon realized they were trapped they had to get out some how…

One important part is Emily’s big problem problem but that is in the paragraph above so another important part which so happens to be my favorite part too. When Mr. Beaston discovers the truth about his past. With the help of Emily, Shona, and Aaron a secret of a lie is on covered. This is an very emot

ional scene when all the most of the characters help one another that’s one of the good things about the Emily windsnap series. The books are all about love, friendship, and how important helping others is.

I really enjoyed this book because of its messages and the little problems that come up here and there. People who like sad books, books about friendship, love and and a little bit of mystery this book is for you. One of my favorite quotes in this book is “So what are we supposed to do now?” I like that quote because when something goes wrong Emily assumes that someone else is always supposed to have a backup plan. I would give this book ***** out of ***** stars.

Emily Windsnap and the Monster of the Deep, by Liz Kessler

The book I just finished is called Emily Windsnap and the Monster of the Deep written by Liz Kessler. The main character in this book is, of course, Emily Windsnap because the book is based on her. Emily is the type of person who is brave one moment and chickens out the next, she is a girl when given a request is determined to get the thing done , she is a kind and supporting character, but the story wouldn’t be as good as it is without the help of these supporting characters; Shona, who I introduced in the first review, Mary, Emilys mom, and Jake, her dad.

In case you have not read the first book in the series and want to avoid any spoilers, do not read from #1 to #2. (#1) In the first book, Emily finds out that she is a “semi-mer,’ a partial mermaid. Once she finds out that she is a semi-mer she starts to get curious about what lies ahead for the other half of herself, the water half, or, will she end up in a scientist’s lab being studied. One of the things Emily gets curious about is if she will ever see her dad after she finds out that he was a full merman who was in jail for marrying Emily’s mom who is a human. So Emily and Shona plan to go on a journey to find her dad. Once Emily finds him in the jail and they are reunited she must find a way out without being discovered, but she doesn’t succeed. Both Emily and her mom are captured and brought to court. Emily Is brought to mermaid jail and makes a speech about how people or merfolk should be free to love who they want. Neptune, the judge, understood her point and agreed so Emily and her parents were all reunited and moved to Allpoints Island, where the series continues. (#2)

When all seems perfect and the family is settled back in, Emily goes for a swim and feels a strange, strong current pulling her to the darkest, deepest part of the sea. She escapes and returns home to tell her mother about it. On the day before the first day of school, Shona comes to Emily’s house with another mermaid who is going to give them a tour of the Island and the school. The mermaid dares Emily to enter a forbidden zone and wakes Kraken, the seamonster. Kraken was also the source of the strong current that had attempted to pull Emily in.

images The dare that Emily had pulled Shona into had awoken Kraken. Emily ultimately finds out that she and Shona are the only ones who can calm the Kraken be

The second book gets even more exciting and you want to keep reading to find out what is going to happen next. I rate this book five out of five stars and if you are someone who likes books about friendship, adventure, or a hint of fantasy, this book is definitely for you.

cause they are the ones who woke it.

The Tail of Emily Windsnap, by Liz Kessler

The main character of The Tail of Emily Windsnap by Liz Kessler is Emily there are some supporting characters and they are her mom and Shona. Most of the book takes place, well its sort of even the story takes place on land as well as under water.


One important part of the book was when Emily felt a cramp like felling in her legs a felling of them joining together and that night she was felling a little curious so see snuck out that and creeped into the ocean and she discovers her secret she was a mermaid.

Another important  part of the book was when she and Shona (her mermaid friend) go to this abandon ship and Emily realizes that the ship is exactly what her mom had said her dream boat was like so Emily starts to get a little freaked out.

This was one of the best books I have ever read. My favorite part of the book was when Emily went to mermaid curt because of what she did but I can’t tell you what she did you will have to read the book and find out. I didn’t have a least favorite part. I would rate this book ***** out of ***** and people who believe or want to know more about  majestical creatures this book is for you.


The 39 Clues, The Maze of Bones, By Rick Riordan

The  39 Clues The Maze Of Bones is by Rick Riordan. The book is about a brother and sister named Dan and Amy whose Grandmother dies and creates a quest for only the Cahills. The Cahill family is the type of family who will do anything to get to be the most powerful person in the world. The quest takes chosen Cahill family members all across the world for one thing… the first of the 39 clues.

In the beginning of the book, the chosen family members are given a choice to walk out the door with 1,000,000 dollars in their hands or to attempt the life risking 39 clues. Six families picked the  39 clues, the Kabras, the Holts, Alistair Oh, Jonah Wizard, the Starlings and Dan and Amy. Dan has altitude problems and Amy has trouble speaking up to people.

A really important event in the book was in the beginning when Dan and Amy chose to burn up the million dollars and take the really small clue: THE FINE PRINT TO  SEEK OUT RICHARD S—-.  Another important part was when the mansion went up in flames which is when they discovered their secret admirer aka THE MAN IN BLACK. One last important part is when Dan and Amy find out that everyone is against them, in other words, trying to kill them but they are all family members.

This book would be ranked my fourth favorite book I have ever read. My favorite part of the book is when they are in the catacombs in Paris because I went in the catacombs when I went to Paris and I know, and can relate to the feeling of being creeped out. My least favorite was when I closed it. I would give this book ***** five stars. People who like mystery books and a little bit of realistic fiction, this book is for you.

Luv Ya Bunches by Lauren Myracle

This book is called Yuv Ya Bunches written by Lauren Myracle. It is the first book in the series of the Flower Power books. There are four main characters, Yasman, Katie Rose, Camilla and Violet, who never expected to end up the very best of friends. The girls are in the 5th grade at Rivendell Elementary School, however, this is Violet’s first year there.


One really important event that made the book really exciting was when Camilla’s good luck charm, a bobble head turtle named Tally The Turtle got lost on the first day of school. Throughout most of the book they spend time looking for the turtle and when they find it, if they find it, there is a lot of blaming for who stole it.


Another important thing that happened in the story was that Yasman, the quiet one out of them all, creates a website called which ends up bringing the girls together to be BFF’s.

I can’t just choose one favorite part of the book because I loved all the parts sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. This is one of the best books I have ever read and I have read a lot of books. The thing that makes this book different from all other books is that the whole story in general was really funny. For example, this punch line made me laugh: Katie Rose

 is super-psyched when she gets home Wednesday afternoon, She’s buzzing, that’s how psyched she is! First, chatting with Camilla in the lab went awesomely. Awesometatiously awesomely.


And when Katie Rose calls herself a dingleberry and Camilla tells

Katie Rose what a dingleberry is and they laugh so hard they both fall out of their seats.

I would recommend this book to people who like to read really funny lol moments but also really sad moments. I would rate this book *****five stars.

A School Story, By Andrew Clements

This book is called A School Story and if you like Andrew Clements you might like this book. The story is about a girl,her teacher and her best friend who write a book and they try to get it published by the girl’s mom. The really important characters are Natalie Nelson    the girl, Zoe her best friend, Hannah Nelson the girl’s mom and Mrs.Clayton the English teacher.

The story takes place at the Deary  School and at Shipley Junior Books, the publishing company.


I thought that that book was not the best book I have ever read in my whole life so I didn’t enjoy the book.  But there was some goodish exciting parts of the book, like when they had the publishing party for Cassandra Day, which was Natalie’s alias name [fake name.] And the time when she and Zoe got in a fight and they made a whole big deal out of letting Mrs. Clayton help with the book.


My least favorite part was practically the whole thing except for the non boring parts which were the parts I just told you and thats pretty much it.

Why the book didn’t interest me was because the people didn’t have anything exciting to say. The book would have been more interesting if it had funny quotes but there were some things that were funny, like when Natalie said, ”Zoe is not the fastest reader but she is very picky with the books and she liked this one.”

            I would rate this book a ½