The Glass Sentence

The Glass Sentence by S.E grove is a book about a girl named Sophie Tims.It is the story of an adventure through time and places all over New Occident. Sophie lives in Boston in the country called New Occident.The book takes place in no real time because in 1799 something called The Great Disruption which put every country into another time period. Sophie is taken care by her uncle Shadrack because her mom and dad went missing when she was young. Sophie is very talented as well, she is a scout adventure.


The story is about her adventure with a boy named Theo. Together they travel to different countries scattered in different times to find the cause of the Great Disruption while looking for her uncle. They pay lot of attention to a map made by Shadrack that tells of memories when you touch it. For example when Sophie says in chapter 9 “I had no idea she had such a terrible story in her past”.  That’s when Sophie was  leaving at that time to find her uncle, she seemed scared leaving her home.


I would rate this book 5 stars, its really good. The best part to me was when the story finally got to the adventure and kicked up. I also liked when Sophie was brave and when she worked hard no matter what.   I would recommend this book to people who like confusing books, because it can be confusing. I hope you read this book you will probably enjoy it.


Liesl and Po

Liesl & Po  is a adventurous book by Lauren Oliver. The book takes place in the underworld and on Earth. This book is about a girl named Liesl she loves to draw. Liesl’s problem is her dad just died and she’s locked in her room in the attic, and she is bored.  In the attic she was ambitious when she asked a ghost to find her dad. One night a ghost comes to see Liesl to see her draw. But she was too sad to draw that night. That’s when the story begins.

But this draws two boy’s attention to Liesl, an assistant for an alchemist and boy named Po who happens to be the ghost “Can you find my dad?” Liesl asked, Po said, “Yes in return for a drawing.” (You will find out more if you read it). The assistant alchemist  falls in love with her. Liesl doesn’t find out for a while. When Liesl finds out it gets more dangerous because the assistant is carrying a package that may or may not go to into the right hands. (That package has a lot to do with magic).


I enjoyed this book alot because it takes you on a wild story. It also has some romance. this book makes everything more strange about  ghost. I would rate this book  . This book is good for you if magic is what you want.



The Humming Room


The Humming Room by Ellen Potter.The main character is named Roo. She’s a thief that steals but is also very nice and shy. Roo is a loner she never really meets anyone. So she doesn’t trust people very much until she gets to know them. The setting is an interesting village which is pretty strange.


Roo then meets a girl her age – I think she’s named Violet. Violet  try to make Roo clean and giving her food. Roo’s problem  is a mystery with Violet. Theres also a ghost story that I think is interesting. Also when Roo meets Violet. Roo Said  “no” to Violet  when she’s meeting Violet.


I really enjoyed this book because Roo’s personality fascinates me. If you have ever read The Secret Garden and liked it you would like this book. I recommend this book to for 3rd to 5th graders.I rate this book   stars.


Museum of Thieves

I read Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner a book that brings you into a adventure 9780375859786_p0_v1_s260x420of a life time. It’s about  a girl named Goldie who is annoyed that she’s chained to her mother and gets a ceremony to get her chain off but it messes up. After that she goes on a wild adventure the one I was just talking about. The setting is  a place called Museum of Thieves which brings us to the title there a lot of other places Goldie goes that you might find out if you read the book.

Did I tell you that Goldie meets a boy named Toadspit that thinks that he’s better than Goldie? He says mean things about her like “I was never that stupid,” but he didn’t know Goldie heard. But meanwhile Guardian hope is doing some strange with others you will find out more if you read the book. I DARE YOU! There are lot of interesting characters that are all different personality.


This is a good book for 4th grade and maybe 3rd grade. I would rate this book five stars. If you like adventure this for you. I think maybe 50% of people who like adventure would like this book. good reading!!!!!!!!!!!!



Mary on a Horseback by Rosemary Wells.

Mary on a  horseback is a very sad story and lots of people dye. It is based on a real person named Mary who works at a hospital that only has three doctors. If you like stories where history happens, then this is a good book for you! I think this book is good for Third and Fourth grade. I would rate this book 4 ½ stars!

Pish Posh, by Ellen Potter

I read Pish Posh, a book by Ellen Potter. The main character is Clara. She is eleven and has her own apartment because she’s rich. But a girl named Annabelle tries to steal from her. What do you think Clara thinks about that? Meanwhile she was still working at Pish Posh, her parent’s restaurant. Thinking about Dr.Piff  someone she met who is very mysterious. You will find out more about Dr.Piff if you read the book yourself.

I would rate this book five stars out of five.This book would be good for 3rd and 4th graders.