Mysteries According to Humphrey


Mysteries according to Humphrey is by Betty G. Birney. It is located in Long Fellow school. Humphrey is the main character. Humphrey the hamster is trying to find out were Mrs.Brisbane [the class teacher] is. Humphrey has a friend named Og. Og is a frog. He also has a girl that is his friend and her name is Phoebe.


When Mrs.Brisbane leaves Mr.E [the substitute teacher] comes and everything goes wrong. A letter comes from the mail that is from Mrs.Brisbane. This is what it says,”Dear class, I miss you all and I miss Longfellow school. I miss being home too. But the good news is that they say I’ll be up on my feet and dancing before long. It’s funny to think that  this all came about because of Humphrey. Please listen to Mr.E and make me proud. Your teacher Mrs.Brisbane!” Humphrey thinks, How did I do this? Humphrey has a lock that doesn’t lock, and it is a big deal because he could get caught. He helps the whole class, so when Phoebe loses her daisy watch, he squeezes through doors and finally finds her daisy watch. Mrs.Brisbane comes back and everything is normal again.


I loved this book. It was funny, a perfect reading level for me, and it was about animals and I love animals. 3rd and 4th graders would like this because it is a perfect reading level for them. I would rate this book five stars out of five*****.

Wayside School Is Falling Down

by Dora Bremond

The Book is called wayside school is falling down by Adam Mccauley. It is about a couple kids but in each chapter Mrs.Jewls[the teacher in the book i am reading] is in it so I was thinking that she is the main character. Mrs Jewls always tries to help out a kid she is teaching and usually the chapter ends with cliff hanger. It takes place at Wayside school. The school is crazy and mrs. Jewls teaches there.


In a chapter Jason a kid chewed on pencils. Another time a kid named DJ  was always  happy but this day DJ was not happy and that made Kathy a kid be happy since he is always happy and she is always sad because of him. The main character Mrs.Jewls never really changed but her students did by being happy again and things like that. Mrs. Jewls is very nice and caring. I do not know if she has kids but if she does she would be a great mom. She says “ Jason give it back” and that is caring to me.


I have only read from page i to 84 and there are 179 pages but I love it so far. This is a good book for 3rd and 4th because it is the perfect level, [ that is at least what i think] . It is funny and it has a bunch of different chapters. I rate this book 5 stars out of 5****.maxresdefault

Adventures According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney

april 2 2014


Adventures According to Humphrey


Adventures According to Humphrey is by Betty G. Birney. Humphrey the hamster is the main character. Humphrey is nice, caring, thoughtful and a lot more. He is at a school. He is a classroom pet in room 26.


Humphrey is a hamster who is very caring so he likes to help his human friends out even when he did cause the child’s problems. For example, he helped Richie his classroom friend, by trying to stop him from breaking the rules when they went on a field trip you were not allowed to bring a remote control boat for the boat race. Richie did bring a remote control boat even though you were not allowed to. He went to Potters Pond a grassy area where they took their field trip. He also went into the library and

accidently pressed a button and a strange pirate movie came up. Also he went to his classroom friends house and he thought they were going to paint him. A j, a classroom friend, bellowed ,“You have to be quiet in the library”.


This book is one of my favorites actually there is a  whole series of them. It has lots of funny parts and you just want to keep on reading it. I would recommend this book to 3rd through 5th grade because it is not too long but not too short I think it is a fabulous book. The book has 118 pages. I would rate this book 5 stars***** out of 5.



Adventures According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney

Adventures according to Humphrey

Adventures According to Humphrey is a book by Betty G. Birney. Humphrey ( the hamster) is the main character. Humphrey is a kind, nice, curious (and lots of other  things)hamster. Humphrey see’s to the library, classroom, Potters Pond and the bus and i think a few other places.


Humphrey does have problems. Like his human friends are bringing boats they did not make and that is against the rules. Humphrey does not have so many problems that include him it is just that his friends are in trouble and it is sometimes because of him so he wants to help and change that mistake he made. The class goes to potters pond  for a trip and they do a race and eat. Humphrey squeaks, “ Thats against the law”. Richie, a student, says , “ I’ll hide it in my backpack. While the race is on, I’ll sneak to the sidelines, slip the submarine in the water, then bring it up fight next to his tall horrible boat”.


This book is one of my favorites like when they go to Potters Pond it is really funny. There are lots of good moments and to me i just keep on wanting to read and i am so sad when i have to stop reading! This book is great for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. I think everyone would love it and is is that sort of book that makes you love reading. I would rate this book 5 stars out of 5. It is really the best of all.


Trouble According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney

Trouble according to Humphrey is by Betty G. Birney. Humphrey is the main character and this book is full of adventure because of the main character Humphrey. It takes place in many places like the school and other kids houses.

Once a family called the Paynes who complained about Humphrey and It was about getting their family sick and also Humphrey was not eating so Mrs. Brisbane  the teacher brought humphrey to the vet when Humphrey really just was sad about his human friends and what he had done to them accidently. This book was really good and if you like animals and adventure and even if you don’t you will probably like this book anyway.

One of my favorite parts as when Humphrey was at Seths and  Seths families and they [and Humphrey] had a competition on who can sit still the longest. The one who wins gets 2 tickets to the movies and can bring a friend and Seth [ who is called sit still Seth because he always pops out of his seat] won. I would really recommend this book in fact it is about my 2nd favorite book. This book is very good for 3rd and 4th graders. I think it is good for them because if I read this book in 3rd grade it would probably have been just right for me and I know it is just right for me in 4th grade because I read it in 4th grade. I rate this book five stars out of five because it is sure one of my favorites.


Summer According To Humphrey, by Betty G. Birney

Summer According to Humphrey is a great book by Betty G. Birney. Humphrey is a curious and excited loved hamster that lives in a classroom full of children. He finds out that it is summer vacation. Where does Humphrey go? Well he finds out and goes to camp Happy Hollow. Humphrey has a lot of fun there. There are horses and pools and many things to do. But Humphrey can’t do all of that stuff though. This is a  book for 4th or 3rd graders. I rate this book 5 stars! Want to know what happens, find out  when you read the full adventure camp out story of Humphrey!