Mr And Mrs. Bunny Detectives Extraordinaire!

    This is book is called Mr And Mrs. Bunny Detectives Extraordinaire! This book is by Polly Horvath and it is supposed to be written by a bunny. And it is illustrated by Sophie Blackall. The main characters are Mr bunny and Mrs. bunny, and Madeline.  This book is about a girl named Madeline and she lost her parents but she saw fox driving the car that she thought her parents were in. Madeline found a file card in her house! And it looked like it had code on it. On the file card it said “FANNY FOX’S CANNED RABBIT PRODUCTS FACTORY. There was a logo off a fox trying to cram a protesting rabbit into a pressure cooker.” Madeline couldn’t figure out the code so she went to her uncle, and her uncle is very good at coding. At the same time Mr bunny and Mrs. bunny needed a job so they decided to be detectives. Madeline meets the Mr and Mrs. bunny and the bunnies get hired as detectives for Madeline!
Mrs. bunny joins a hat club and is a bit busy, so Madeline does not know if she can trust the bunnies. But still Madeline hired them and she still doesn’t that she can trust them. Madeline can understand what the bunnies are saying! Soon Madeline figures out that she can speak bunny! Madeline was really surprised! But still even if she can speak bunny Madeline still did not think she can trust Mr bunny and Mrs. bunny. And for awhile Mr and Mrs. bunny could not figure it out yet. How is Madeline going to get her parents back? Will she have to hire someone else or not?
    This book was really good! I want to read the next book. Sometimes I don’t even want to put it down, at some parts it gets really interesting. I would recommend this book to 9 – 12 year olds. This book is not too long but it is just right for me. I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. I really recommend this book!

Dumpling Days

The book that I was reading is called Dumpling Days, and the author is Grace Lin or Pacy Lin ( Pacy is her Chinese name.) The main character is Grace Lin or Pacy Lin ( This book is about the author, that’s why the main character has the same name as the author.) Pacy has two sisters and a big family, her sisters are Lissy and Kiki. She has an uncle but she doesn’t know his name so she calls him Uncle Flower, she has a dad and a mom, and a lot more siblings. The main character is trying to get better at painting because in another book, The Year Of The Dog, Grace got the 3rd place award in making books for all schools and Grace made a picture book with her drawings in it and when she takes a trip to China she has to go to a painting class. There is a girl who makes mean faces to her so Grace thinks of her as an enemy. Who Grace tries to be a better painter than the girl that is mean to Grace in Grace’s painting class. This book takes place in China because Grace took a trip to China for the first time also to see her family there.
Grace is not having the best time in China. She is having trouble speaking chinese, she feels like people are bullying her. She gets really sad and feels like she wants to go home when she goes to a night market. Grace might be able to win the art contest, will she beat her part-enemy? Grace has another problem, when people come up to her and speak chinese to her, Grace’s mom tells them they she can’t speak chinese ( this is how you say it in chinese —> wo bu hui swo xiong wo. ← that is how you say I can’t speak chinese, in chinese ) “How did I say I couldn’t speak Chinese, again? I couldn’t remember. What were those words Mom had taught us on the train?” “Meiguoren! Meiguoren! I said. That was the only word I could remember. American. She had the same look in her eyes as that mean bus driver in New Hartford from so long ago. My cheeks burned red as if her words were slapping my face. “Meiguoren! Meiguoren!” I said again, stupidly-like a parrot. I didn’t know what else to say. I felt like crying. “What’s up?” Clifford said, grabbing my arm. The woman yelled something at him. “ Dui Bu Qi, dui bu qi,” he said as he waved her away, and nudges me toward the road. “Sorry, sorry.” I saw her shake her head in disapproval and disgust as Clifford dragged me away. “She was mad at me!” I said to Clifford. “She wasn’t mad, exactly,” he said. “She just didn’t understand why you couldn’t speak Chinese.” A heavy feeling fell upon me. Like a crushing boulder.”
I enjoyed this book a lot. I like it because Grace is Chinese, like me. I like this book because I’ve been to China before. I also like this book because Grace is very much like me. Another reason I like this book is because the setting is in China. I would recommend this book to chinese kids because they might relate to this book. I would recommend this book to 8-12 year olds. I think a lot of people would like this book, maybe even adults. I like this book a lot and so does Clarissa (my sister) and Olivia P (my friend). I would recommend this book to asian kids too. I like it a lot so I think kids around 4th or 3rd grade would like it too. I would rate this book five stars out of five, 5 ***** out of 5 *****. If I could I would rate this book 10 stars!   


The Year Of The Dog

    This book is called The Year Of The Dog and the author’s name is Grace Lin, I have a lot of her books and I have picture books of hers too. The main characters are Pacy and her best friend, Melody. Pacy and Melody are very alike. They are both Chinese American, well that’s how they met. They think alike too, and look the same. The setting of this book takes place in New York State, outside of the city. Pacy and Melody have a science fair and the school has a special guest to judge their projects, who is a very important person too. Pacy and Melody don’t know what they are going to do and whatever they do it better be good because they’ll lose the contest. Pacy and Melody did a plant thing, they grew plants with soda like coke and they also used water. Pacy and Melody get really nervous at the competition. Pacy and Melody have crushes on some people in their class (this part is the only thing I hate about this book,) and Melody has a notebook to write down the people that their crush talks to. “Today Teddy talked to Emma three times, Charlotte five times, you four times, and me six,” Melody reported. By, Friday Melody had filled her notebook.
I liked this book a lot! I liked it because the main characters are Chinese American, like me. But I didn’t like it just because of the crush part. I would recommend this book to 6-10 and maybe for a family. I rate this book 4 out of five stars. I think that people would like this book!


Ivy And Bean Take Care Of The Baby Sitter

Ivy and Bean Take Care of the Babysitter

This book is by Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall and is the authors of the other Ivy and Bean books. The main characters in this book are Ivy and Bean, they are girls that are 7 or 8 and are very mischievous. Ivy likes to read books but is also mysterious  and Bean is a noddy and hates her older sister Nancy who is 10. The setting of this book is in Pancake Court where Ivy and Bean live, and it also takes place in Beans house.

Bean has a big problem, her old babysitter is sick and Nancy went up for the job to be her babysitter because she was going to get paid for it. What was Bean going to do in her house when she couldn’t go outside and play in the mud at Sophie W’s house. Bean tries to get Ivy to come into her house to play even though Ivy was allowed to come over Bean thought it would be more fun. Bean wanted to go to the crawl space ( the crawl space is what Beans family calls their attic ) really badly and when her parents are there she is not allowed to so she tries to sneak up into her attic. Nancy also wanted to do something while her parents were gone too, she wanted to put on makeup since a lot of her friends at her school wear makeup but while Nancy was putting on makeup Ivy and Bean went up to the crawl space. “Ivy looked up, up the shelves of sheets and towels to a square wooden door set in the closet ceiling.

This was not my favorite book and I think it was not that interesting compared to the other books in the series. I would recommend this book to 6 – 10 years old. I think this might be a good book to read with your family. This book can also be read by yourself and if you want to read a book about two girls who have lots of fun ideas I think this book is for you. I rate this book three stars out of five *** stars. I think kids might like this book so I hope this book reveiw might tell you that you want to read this book!     


Ivy and Bean Bound To Be Bad

Ivy & Bean Bound to be Bad

by Colette Leong


The book I read is called Ivy & Bean Bound To Be Bad and the authors of this book are named Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall. The main characters are really different from each other. One is Bean (but her real name is Beatrice) and she is a very exciting girl and wants to do more things. But Ivy is a more sophisticated and mysterious and good person.

The setting takes place in Ivy and Bean’s court called Pancake court which has lots of neighbors and lots of exciting people there. (Many kids live here in Pancake court and unalike people live here and lots of exciting characters in Pancake court.) Bean and Ivy want to be kind to nature but their bully Crummy Matt, just can’t help Bean be kind to nature so Bean has an idea to stand up for herself. Bean will do something bad and Ivy will convince Bean to be good so Bean can be good after all. But Bean went a little bit too into her plan so she started to be bad.

I rate this book four stars ****. If you want to find out what happens to Bean, will Bean be good or bad You should read this book if you want to find out what happens to Ivy and Bean!




By Colette Leong

The book I read over the weekend is called Frogged, and the author of Frogged is named Vivian Vande Velde. The main character, Igmone, Princess Igmone. Igmone lives in a castle with her mother, father and her younger brother. Her mother told Igmone to read a book called “The Art Of Being A Princess,” before her thirteenth birthday, so she can be a real polite princess.

Igmone goes to one of her favorite places of the courtyard. Igmone meets a frog prince by the pond. The frog prince is really a poor boy who lives on the streets, The boy Igmone left food for, who she felt bad for. But he is just not very nice person. Igmone thought she was just helping him but Igmone, herself got turned into a frog in the boys place. Later on, Igmone met some teenagers in a barn. They’re names are Lulla and Bertie. Lulla, an farmer.Bertie, an actor. Lulla and Bertie capture Igmone and She goes on an adventure with Lulla and Bertie.

If you read this book you will find out what happens out later in this book.I rate Frogged  **** four stars. Frogged is funny and surprising and I hope you think so too!

Moomin Summer Madness By Tove Janson

This book is called, Moomin Summer Madness, the author of this book is named, Tove Janson. This is the fourth book in the Moomin series. Moomin Summer Madness is about these creatures that live in a special land called Moominland. There are a lot of characters like, Moomintroll, Moominmama, Moominpapa, The Snork Maiden, The Mymbles Daughter, Little My (The Mymbles Daughters, little sister), Snif, Snufkin, Misbel and, Whopher. In the book they travel all around the place to many places. First the family gets flooded and they have to find shelter so they go to a theater. All the characters split up and go to many places. Its exciting how the characters split up into different places. For example when Little My fell into a hole in the boat/theater and found herself somewhere surprising and exciting. It was also exciting when how the flood happened and how they found the theater floating on the water! My favorite part of Moomin Summer Madness was when their town (Moominvalley) was flooded and they found a cool place to stay in. It was a really exciting part because they would be moving places, places to live, why would they choose the theater? I think I would recommend this book, to a kid or adult because it is good for both and it is fun and exciting for lots of ages. I would rate Moomin Summer Madness five stars.