Abarat Book Report

When Candy stumbles upon a strange humanoid creature with horns that hold eight heads, he claims he comes from the Abarat. Another world That’s separated into 25 islands, and each island is based on another hour. But Candy is the first person from Earth, or the Hereafter in Abarat terms, in centuries, so she is the center of attention, and that’s not always good, especially when your in the Abarat and there is a war going on.                            Then there’s the 25 hour, the time out of time, but you’ll learn about that when you read the book.

Specials Book report

Specials, Sequel to Pretties and Uglies, Is the third and final book in the Uglies series. When Tally becomes Special, a type of pretty but cruel, and deadly, where your movement is almost a blur to a human eye. Tally is forced to stop what she helped not long ago, stopping lesions via pills. When Tally finds out what the source of the pills come from, the she’s shocked, it used to be a village that runaways ran to, but now it’s so much more.

Pretties book report

Pretties, sequel to Uglies, is a book about Tally Youngblood. Tally lives in a futuristic city where when you turn 16, you become pretty. Where your bones get replaced by titanium and you become beautiful. It doesn’t seem like it could be bad, but, it is in some ways. In Pretties, Tally finds herself without lesions, a “disease” that gets put into Pretties to change the way they think. That way, they are powerless, all they like to do is drink and have fun. But Tally is getting hunted down by specials, a secret government group meant to keep the city in order. They are myths and rumors to most, but to Tally, the word gives her nightmares.