Mysteries According to Humphrey


Mysteries according to Humphrey is by Betty G. Birney. It is located in Long Fellow school. Humphrey is the main character. Humphrey the hamster is trying to find out were Mrs.Brisbane [the class teacher] is. Humphrey has a friend named Og. Og is a frog. He also has a girl that is his friend and her name is Phoebe.


When Mrs.Brisbane leaves Mr.E [the substitute teacher] comes and everything goes wrong. A letter comes from the mail that is from Mrs.Brisbane. This is what it says,”Dear class, I miss you all and I miss Longfellow school. I miss being home too. But the good news is that they say I’ll be up on my feet and dancing before long. It’s funny to think that  this all came about because of Humphrey. Please listen to Mr.E and make me proud. Your teacher Mrs.Brisbane!” Humphrey thinks, How did I do this? Humphrey has a lock that doesn’t lock, and it is a big deal because he could get caught. He helps the whole class, so when Phoebe loses her daisy watch, he squeezes through doors and finally finds her daisy watch. Mrs.Brisbane comes back and everything is normal again.


I loved this book. It was funny, a perfect reading level for me, and it was about animals and I love animals. 3rd and 4th graders would like this because it is a perfect reading level for them. I would rate this book five stars out of five*****.

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