Fablehaven By Brandon mull

imgresThe title of the book that I  read this summer is called Fablehaven by Brandon Mull. Kendra Sorenson  is not that happy to go on a “fake” vacation to her grandparent’s place, While her parents are on a 17 day cruise. Kendra feels this way because the summer before she over heard her parents saying “we have no other choice but to send them” .While on the other hand, Seth Sorenson is Kendra’s younger brother and he is very enthusiastic and always wants to do something. The setting is in the present because they have cars and cellphones. It takes place in Fablehaven where monsters of all shape and sizes can live in peace without the humans knowing where to hunt them down. But everybody on the farm knows what Fablehaven is.


One of the things that I notice about the characters is that if Kendra and Seth were not brother and sister and they happened to go to the same school they would hate each other. So they are not very compatible together and that makes teamwork hard. The book is about two kids ( Kendra and Seth) have to go to their grandparents house while their parents  are on a 17 day cruise because their aunt died. While they are there, there grandparents have these crazy rules like don’t go in the forest or don’t go in the barn but Seth goes into the forest and discovers Fablehaven. Soon after that they drink a magic milk that there grandfather was hiding and when they did they saw all the monsters in fablehaven but still are not allowed to go. I know Kendra is upset because she said “we went through all the trouble to figure this place out, but now if we go were stuck in our room for the rest of the trip”.


I did not enjoy the book because I thought it was poorly written and it was too predictable. I would not recommend this book to anybody, the read was way too long. I think the author just ran out of ideas because this book could make sense in 3 pages. I rate this book 0 out of five.

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