How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston

This book is about about a girl named Kacey Simon, the most popular girl at her school. She also is a journalist who only tells the truth. After she falls at her best friend’s(Molly Knight is her best friend) birthday party, braces and glasses have been thrust upon her. This is the worst thing that could happen to her because she is also given a lisp along with the braces. Now she can’t do her show! Her other best friends are Liv and Nessa. Now even her best friends turn on her. Kacey is now falling the social ladder.

How can Kacey get back up again? Well, political crazed old best friend, Paige Greene, decides to help her out. She is also given the spot as lead singer in a band run by the new kid, Zander. Paige and Zander are gonna try to get her back up there. But then it turns out that Molly has a crush on Zander. Things just keep getting worse. “I, Kacey Simon have a raging crush on a band geek!” See what I mean. It’s just getting worse.

I loved this book because, as you know from my previous reviews, I love 1st person books. Also because the way Meg Haston writes, it sounds like Kacey is so real, like she could go to LREI. I would recommend this to people who like realistic fiction. I would rate this ***** out of *****.


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