Plastic Polly, by Jenny Lundquist

UnknownThis book is about a girl named Polly. She is the 2nd most popular girl at Winston Academy next to her best friend Kelsey. Polly is the kind of girl who agrees with whatever Kelsey says. She and Kelsey are always ganging up on the 3rd most popular girl, Melinda. I don’t like Melinda because she is snooty and bossy. Polly also used to be friends with a girl named Alyssa. She and Polly and Kelsey got into a fight so now they aren’t friends anymore.


Polly’s school’s rival, American River and Winston Academy always have a talent show called the Groove It Up and this year Kelsey is in charge. But when Kelsey injures herself she can’t do it. Polly has to step in to help. “Kelsey rolls her eyes.’what happens to the vice president if the president is unable to perform her duties?’ I stop as the light finally clicks on.” That is what happens when Polly is asked to help.


I really liked this book because it would never happen at LREI because we don’t have a Groove It Up. It is in 1st person and I really like that because you get to know the character more. I would recommend this to people who have a competitive spirit because that is a fairly big part of the book. I would rate this 100 out of 5 stars. This is one of the best books ever. The author writes like it could be happening in to you.


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