Meeting with Ileana

After spending much time searching for our a fifth fieldwork, we finally scheduled a meeting with Ileana, the feminist teacher at the high school. We had emailed her back and finally chose a time where we would meet. So today, my group and I walked over to the high school before lunch, making one stop to grab Ileana a coffee. We met with her in the lobby, found a room to talk in, and sat down to begin our discussion. Since we had already learned pretty much everything there is to know about sex trafficking, we mainky wanted to talk with her about what we shoukd do in our teach-in. Considerinf the fact that she is a teacher and she basically does teach-ins almost every day, we knew that she could give us insight on how we should perform ours. We also wanted to ask her about her opinions on certain things that we’ve heard over the course of our social justice project. For example, we have heard multiple ideas about possibly legalizing prostitution and we haven’t really heard about someomes personal opinion so we wanted to tale advantage of this opportunity. Also, again since we already know almost everything on sex trafficking, we wanted to take this time to learn more about the root of the problem and how the very very beginning of sex trafficking happens, which surprisingly starts way earlier than you would think. Ileana talked to us about how if we taught young children about gender equality before they even grow up, then there will surely be a decrease in sexual exploitation. She gave us a ton of information about a whole other part of sex trafficking we didnt know. I want to thank Ileana for taking the day out of her busy day to speak and inform us!

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